Undergraduate Study

The foundation of every scientist's training is a comprehensive undergraduate degree. With around 1400 undergraduate students, we are big enough to offer a wide range of science subjects while still being small enough to know each of our students by name. Our flexible degree programmes allow students to tailor their learning experience to suit their career ambitions, providing the ideal preparation for employment or further study.

We offer two undergraduate degrees, the Bachelor of Science (BSc), and the Bachelor of Science (Technology) [BSc(Tech)]. The BSc(Tech) degree is unique to the University of Waikato, giving students the chance to gain practical, relevant work experience as part of their undergraduate studies.

Hands-on learning

Our undergraduate degree programmes involve a high proportion of field trips, practical laboratories and computer workshops.

Supportive learning environment

We offer an inclusive and supporting learning environment to ensure all students reach their potential.

Meet some of our amazing undergraduate students

We're super-proud of our fabulous undergraduate students, many of whom join us from the surrounding Waikato and Bay of Plenty regions. The high quality of our teaching and research programmes also attracts students from right across beautiful Aotearoa and internationally.