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  • The mystery of 1000 Springs (13 August 2018)

    The world's most comprehensive study of geothermal springs has provided a unique insight into their make-up.

  • Protecting New Zealand's plants (10 August 2018)

    New Zealand’s lack of plant biodiversity will be in the spotlight next week at the New Zealand Plant Protection Conference. Bachelor of Science (Technology) student Anastazia Docherty will head to Nelson to present her research on the topic, alongside her colleagues from AgResearch.

  • Dating other people (2 August 2018)

    Archaeologist Professor Tom Higham and his team have dated remains attributed to St David, St Luke, John the Baptist and many others.

  • The Science of Māui – harnessing the haututū within (19 July 2018)

    Year 10 Māori students from local colleges and kura kaupapa will participate in a day of science at the University of Waikato Coastal Marine Field Station on Thursday 26 July.

  • A major contribution to marine science (16 July 2018)

    Professor Conrad Pilditch has a top award for his research into estuarine and coastal habitats.

  • Acknowledgement for MRI-safe electrode development (10 July 2018)

    Professor Jonathan Scott and a graduate student made the finals of the Kiwinet Awards, for their work inventing new designs so people with implanted electrodes can safely have MRI scans.

  • Scholarship to unlock secrets of climate change (27 June 2018)

    Master of Science (Research) student Ingrid Lindeman was recently awarded the William Georgetti Scholarship to assist her climate change research quest.

  • Where a science degree can take you (22 June 2018)

    Science student Kelsey Ferris is spending a year with the British Geological Survey (BGS), working in the Inorganic Geochemistry Laboratories in Keyworth, Nottingham.

  • Danni’s preparing to ‘avo go’ at gold (18 June 2018)

    University of Waikato alumna and 2018 Bay of Plenty Young Fruit Grower Danni van der Heijden has just joined avocado exporter AVOCO in a newly created role as Technical Representative.

  • Addressing a major environmental challenge (18 June 2018)

    MPI scholarship winner Thomas Corbett is developing a new sensor to measure run-off and leaching.

  • Waikato Diocesan students win chemistry challenge (15 June 2018)

    A team from Waikato Diocesan School for Girls was awarded first place at the annual NZIC Analytical Chemistry Competition held at the University of Waikato last week.

  • Strengthening NZ's relationship with Asia (13 June 2018)

    University of Waikato engineering student Shalini Guleria has just been selected as a member of the Asia New Zealand Foundation Leadership Network, chosen from a pool of over 200 applicants from around the world.

  • Expanding mangroves – burden or blessing? (12 June 2018)

    Dr Erik Horstman from the University of Waikato's Coastal Marine Group will explore how mangroves play an important role in helping to fight the impacts of climate change, sea-level rise and coastal inundation at Café Scientifique in Tauranga on Monday 18 June.

  • Master of Science student has bigger fish to fry (11 June 2018)

    When Carlos Moraes first arrived in New Zealand he worked as a kitchen hand in some of the best seafood restaurants in Queenstown. Now, instead of frying fish he’s studying them for his Master of Science in Biological Sciences.

  • Improving health of new-born calves (11 June 2018)

    Fieldays Scholarship winner Gemma Lowe has been awarded $22,000 to research infrared thermography (IRT) for the early disease detection of neonatal calf diarrhoea.

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