Work Placements - Information for Students

Here at The University of Waikato, we have a fantastic team here to assist you in finding a suitable work placement. In the ‘Placement Preparation papers’, we help you with CV development, placement interview preparation and technique, career mentoring/direction, placement selection process, company background research, self-assessment tools, professional behaviour, technical writing, occupational health and safety, and placement interview attendance. We actively connect with employers across New Zealand to secure opportunities for our students and are available throughout your placement process to support and guide you when needed. See a list of our Placement Coordinators.

Student Benefits

  • Develop specific technical skills and knowledge including employability skills
  • Get to see possible career pathways
  • Develop your understanding of the ‘practice’ of science and engineering
  • Develop your professional CV
  • Placements alleviate some of the barriers of employment when you come to look for a graduate job
  • Increase your earning potential upon graduation
  • Develop report writing skills
  • Gain recruitment process experience for job applications later on in life
  • Make connections and build your professional network in your chosen career path
  • Build upon your confidence and self-awareness
  • Make more informed decisions about your future career choices
  • The placements help you become qualified in your chosen area of study
  • Put your academic theory into practice
  • You get to complete real work for real employers
  • Build up your self-management and problem solving abilities
  • Get paid whilst you are learning!

How do I find an Employer?

Whilst we do all that we can to help you find a placement for summer, we cannot guarantee that there will be enough opportunities for every student in your chosen area of interest. So we encourage all students to be proactive in their placement hunt.

We recommend using some of the tactics below;

  • Regularly check relevant job boards for when employers list their internships
  • Target specific employers where you would like to work and email them your CV with a cover letter detailing what you are looking for
  • If you are confident in doing so, hand in your CV to these businesses face to face
  • Google is a great tool for finding businesses in your chosen area of study
  • Tell your friends and family that you are looking for a placement. You never know who knows who!
  • Our Placement Coordinators are always here for help with CVs and cover letters
  • Attend University campus events when employers visit the campus.

If you have any questions about your placements before enrolling, please feel free to contact the Cooperative Education Unit.