Work Placements - Information for Employers

To host a student you need to offer work which has a science or engineering component. The work should last for a minimum of 400 hours, ideally include a small project or general business as usual tasks, and typically take place between mid-November and mid-February. The work placement can be anything that is related to the student’s degree and work placement students are hired much the same as any other employee. They need to adhere to your company polices and become a part of your team, have a designated mentor/supervisor who they report to and have an allocated desk/area.

Typically students are paid between $17 and $20 per hour, and are very enthusiastic about their work placement opportunities. It is the ‘real world' practical experience that ties in with their theory, and is designed to benefit both the company and the student. Students should be supervised and supported in their learning goals and given the appropriate training needed to complete tasks (just as would happen with any new staff member) and you will also get to contribute to your student’s assessment by completing a simple work performance evaluation at the end of the student's placement.

We organise work placements for students studying the below majors:

Employer Benefits

  • A carefully selected enthusiastic and fresh minded student with relevant knowledge and practical skills.
  • The opportunity to work with students who are keen to work and learn.
  • A chance to preview potential future employees.
  • Have another pair of hands to meet periods of peak workflow.
  • Close association with the University of Waikato staff and resources.
  • A technical report on your business on the work completed by the placement student.
  • An opportunity to contribute to New Zealand’s future by training and guiding the next generation of scientists and engineers.

The Process

Once you have engaged with a member of our team, we will help find you a suitable student. We meet with our employers to gain a thorough understanding of your company culture, skill requirements for the placement, and answer any questions you may have. From there, we advertise the work placement to our students and let them put their name forward for the opportunity if they are interested. Then we undergo a selection process to identify suitable students and match them specifically to your business. We will send you a shortlist of students based on your requirements and then you follow your own recruitment processes as usual. We are always on hand to organise interviews and facilitate where needed. You as the employer have the final say regarding who is offered the work placement opportunity and you will organise contracts, start dates, agree pay etc.

Throughout the process our team is here to help and will be available throughout the placement period to ensure everything runs successfully and support you when needed.

If you would like to advertise your internships at The University of Waikato, please get in touch with our Work-Integrated Learning Team and we can promote your positions. We do not charge you any fees to promote your opportunities to our students and we have internal student job boards and specific targeted email groups to get your positions directly to the groups you want to attract.

Our Work-Integrated Learning team

The HECS Work Integrated Learning team helps students find work placements to help complete your degree requirements. We are recruitment professionals and are extremely passionate about working with students. We thrive on seeing our students succeed and transition from student to young professional. For questions, expressions of interest or further information please contact us on

For more information, visit the central Work-integrated Learning web page.