Guidelines for selecting first year papers

If you are studying full time then you will need to select 8 level 100 papers – 4 for Trimester A and 4 for Trimester B.

Once you have chosen your papers you can officially apply for them by logging back into your application online.


For each major in the Bachelor of Science (BSc) or Bachelor of Science (Technology) (BSc(Tech)) we have a recommended set of first year papers. Alternatively if you would like to create your own first year, below are some step-by-step guidelines on how to select your first year papers:

  1. Select your major. A major is the subject you will focus on throughout your degree. Each major should have two compulsory papers for you to take at first year.
  2. Decide whether you would like to take a second major or minor.  A minor is a smaller collection of papers which give your degree a certain flavour.  If you do you then each of those will have some papers you need to select as well.
  3. To help reinforce your confidence with scientific analysis you will need to select one of our ‘numeracy papers’. If you have already included one of these through your major or minor selections, you do not need another one (although you are welcome to choose more than one).
  4. To help broaden your scientific perspectives you also need to include three of our 'disciplinary papers'. If you have covered some of these with papers in a second major or minor those can be included in these three.  However these are on top of the papers required for your major.
  5. Complete your list of eight papers with whichever 100 level papers you like. You may wish to add in other science papers to keep you options open for later years, or explore a different subject area altogether. You can see all the available papers on the Catalogue of Papers.

For more information

  • If you have further questions about Science & Engineering papers please contact us
  • For information on all University of Waikato papers, please use the University's Catalogue of Papers