Research Themes

Research within Te Aka Mātuatua - School of Science, is grouped into four contextual research themes: Applied Climate Change; Connected Land, Water, and Life; Hazards and Extreme Environments; and Science for Innovation. Across these contextual themes, sits our overarching commitment to Mātauranga Māori and how this connects to and enhances a traditional western science perspective.

Each of our research themes represents a broad range of scientific activity, unified around some of the biggest challenges facing Aotearoa and the world. Click on of the tiles below to see the depth of research talent that we have contributing to each research theme, along with some of the research highlights in each theme.

Featured highlights from our research themes

Reconciling our native beech trees with their estranged cousins

Understanding the role of mycorrhizas and soil nutrient stoichiometry in shaping forest patterns across the south temperate zone.
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Geologically controlled sandy beaches

How does geology affect what our sandy beaches look like and how they change?
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Farm ponds have low zooplankton invasion rates

Do farm ponds provide stepping stones for zooplankton invaders across landscapes?
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Geology of the Pirongia volcano

A new geological map has been produced of Mt Pirongia
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