3D imaging for industrial uses

Cutting-edge imaging technology is being developed in the Chronoptics laboratory at the University of Waikato.

Range imaging cameras build a 3D image of a scene, allowing computers to perceive the world in the same way as humans. By measuring the shape, size, and location of objects, computers can read a user's gesture, making a game controller, mouse or touch screen unnecessary.

It works by projecting light on to a scene and then measuring the time it takes for the light waves to return. With this data, distance can be measured for every pixel, and a 3D scene can be reconstructed in real time.

Dr Adrian Dorrington leads the Chronoptics Research Group at the University and he and his team have developed a range imaging system that has achieved unparalleled resolution, precision and accuracy. The group has gained an international reputation, publishing world-class range imaging measurement results and developing sensor characterisation techniques that are so far unmatched globally.

With applications that extend beyond gaming and into medical imaging and industrial equipment, the Chronoptics Group has taken out patents on its findings and the team is now working on getting its technology into commercial range imaging cameras.