Chemical Services

Miscellaneous Instrumentation and Services

A wide variety of other equipment is available such as:

Analytical Balances


  • Mettler AE 200 (max. 200 g, readability 0.0001 g);
  • Mettler AT201 (max. 200 g readability 0.00001 g);
  • Mettler, green (high capacity (1 kg) readability 0.0001g) and;
  • a range of coarser top-loading balances (max. 2400 g; readability 0.01 g).

These balances are generally available in all of our chemistry laboratories.

Computing Facilities

High Performance Computing, SGI X86-PTO. Contact: Jo Lane.

Extraction Apparatus

Continuous liquid-liquid extractors, soxhlet extractors, fractional distillation equipment and a range of other specialised apparatuses are available. Contact: John Little.

Field equipment for environmental sampling

We have available field equipment for environmental sampling, including:

  • Sediment corers for different sites and types of material.
  • HTH Sediment corer, box corer and piston corer.
  • Schindler trap for deep water sampling.
  • Peziometer tubes for ground water sampling.

We can also access other specialised sampling equipment and expertise from elsewhere in the Schools.

High Pressure Equipment

Stainless steel bombs with glass liners of ca. 150mL, and ca. 50 mL capacity, together with associated manometer and gas-inlet tubing. These can handle pressures of up to 100 atm at temperatures up to ~150oC for high pressure hydrogenations (hydrogen bomb) or carbonylations, etc. Contact: John Little.

Melting point apparatus

Buchi M-560. Location: D3.03. Contact: Jenny Stockdill.

Photochemical Reactor

Hanovia Photochemical Reactor. This consists of a quartz-enclosed medium-pressure Hg discharge tube which inserts into a 1 litre reaction vessel so that radiation from 180 nm to visible can be used. Output is high-intensity and the source can be water-cooled to prevent heating problems. The equipment can also be used to generate ozone. Location: C3.07. Contact: John Little.


Various brands and models. Contact: Jenny Stockdill.

Solvent Purification System (SPS)

The SPS removes gases and water from solvents such as THF, diethyl ether, hexanes, toluene and dichloromethane.


Clean water for use in trace analysis and various sensitive reactions is generated in-house. Facilities range from single-distilled water, double-distilled water, and reverse osmosis, through to a system consisting of reverse osmosis water feeding in to a still, followed by a four stage deionisation cartridge (Barnstead). Cartridges comprise activated carbon, mixed bed resins, and final a mixed carbon-resin polishing unit. Location: D3.12. Contact: Jenny Stockdill.

Minor Other Equipment

Other equipment accessible is as follows:
Gas Leak Detector, Stirrers, Stirrer Hotplates, Hotplates, Vacuum pumps (high vacuum and chemical resistant), Refractometers, pH meters, Heating mantles (range of sizes, some with stirring), Centrifuges, Ovens, Water baths, Steam baths.

Other Equipment

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