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Chromatographic Instrumentation

We can perform a variety of techniques using differences in physical properties to separate mixtures into their components, usually for quantitation or identification. Chromatography can be coupled to mass spectrometry to obtain information about components.

Gas Chromatography (GC)

A number of instruments are available, some of which are fully automated and include data libraries. Detectors include Flame Ionisation (FID) and quadrupole Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS). Location: E3.10. Contact: Jenny Stockdill.

High Pressure Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)

The HPLC facility has multiple HPLC systems using Waters instrumentation. The systems comprise 515 pumps which can be run individually or in groups for gradient elution. Injection is usually manual using Rheodyne injectors but there is also a 717 autosampler with refrigerated compartment. Detection is by refractive index and/or diode array. Waters Millennium software is used for running instrument and processing data.

There is also a Polymer Systems, evaporative light scattering detector, which can monitor molecules that lack chromophores using gradient elution and from which data is accumulated using the Millenium software. There is also a stand-alone system that can be used for preparative chromatography or soft-gel chromatography with refractive index detection. This system is also monitored through the Millenium software. Two fraction collectors are available, one of which is software-triggered.

In addition to the Waters systems there are two Dionex systems, the first is a Dionex Ultimate 3000 HPLC system with a binary pump and a FLD-3100 Fluorescence Detector and the second is a Dionex ICS 2000 for ion chromatography; this is configured for analysis of anions. Both of these systems use Chromeleon software.

Technical assistance is available or the systems may be used on a run-your-own basis; however in all cases users must supply their own columns and samples must be suitably prepared so that damage to the system will not occur. Location: E3.25. Contact: Merilyn Manley-Harris.

Ion Chromatography

ICS 2000 Ion Chromatography System, controlled by Chromeleon software Location: E3.25. Contact: Merilyn Manley-Harris.

Plate Chromatography

Static, primarily 20 cm x 5 cm, 20 x 20, or 20 x 40 cm.
Chromatotron. An alternative to plate and column preparative chromatography, using a rotating disc of silica. Plates are re-usable.

Column Chromatography

25 g to 2 kg capacity. Allows routine separation of organic and inorganic compounds. Fraction collectors, peristaltic pumps, column effluent monitoring equipment (UV absorption), are available. Size exclusion chromatography also available.

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