Waikato Centre for Advanced Materials (WaiCAM)

Mission Statement

  • To build up unique and world-class expertise in developing novel processes for producing advanced materials and near net shape components and in developing high performance structural and functional materials.
  • To develop advanced materials and related technologies that can be utilised by New Zealand Industry.
  • To create a world-class environment for training postgraduate level materials scientists and materials engineers.

To deliver to the mission, WaiCAM provides a platform to:

  • Foster interdisciplinary collaboration among various departmental research groups within Waikato University during the whole research project life cycle in advanced materials; from developing new research to undertaking of current research.
  • Organise workshops, seminars and research discussions on advanced materials on a regular basis.
  • Facilitate research and postgraduate student training opportunities for the University of Waikato and international exchange students in the area of materials and processing.
  • Establish partnerships and strengthen synergies with other materials research groups in New Zealand and overseas.