Cooperative Education Unit

Cooperative education is the combination of study and work. The Cooperative Education Unit at the University of Waikato is the foremost leader in New Zealand for Cooperative Education-type programmes, with on average 400 students to find work placements for each year. Work placements are offered as part of the Bachelor of Science (Technology) (BSc(Tech)) and the Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (BE(Hons)) degrees and are a compulsory component of both degrees.

Cooperative education staff liaise with industry, research institutes and local government organisations to place students in work places relevant to their qualification and interests. Each student undertakes specific university papers to prepare them for the workplace which includes learning skills in  professional behaviour, ethics, and communication. During the placement, students write a technical report on their work and are assigned an academic supervisor to assist. Students are also assessed on work performance.

Want to know more? Please contact any of the Placement Coordinators for more information on work placements and the University of Waikato’s Bachelor of Science (Technology) or Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) degrees.