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Study Coastal Marine Science

The University of Waikato is uniquely placed to offer a thorough grounding in all aspects of coastal marine science. This is because we are situated close to both North Island coasts. Our teaching programme provides an opportunity for students in their first year to develop a broad understanding of Earth's systems, and then in following years to increase the depth of their studies to include topics such as:

  • Oceanography
  • Coastal marine science
  • Environmental monitoring and management

There is a high demand from employers for graduates with skills in Biological Sciences, Ecology & Biodiversity, Coastal Processes, HydrologyEarth Sciences, Environmental Planning and Environmental Sciences. A qualification focusing on coastal marine science will provide a number of career opportunities in areas such as environmental industries, government agencies and research institutes and universities.

Relevant undergraduate papers:

  • EARTH231 Water Resources, Weather and Climate
  • EARTH241 Oceanography
  • BIOL314 Marine Biology and Monitoring
  • ERTH343 Coastal Geomorphology and Management
  • ERTH344 Coastal Oceanography and Engineering.

Relevant graduate papers:

  • BIOL562 Marine and Estuarine Ecology
  • ERTH562 Coastal Sedimentation
  • ERTH563 Coastal and Estuarine Processes
  • ERTH564 Coastal and Freshwater Modelling: Physical Approaches.

For advice about any of these papers, please  contact the School of Science or the School of Engineering.