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Unique look at forest giants 14th May 2015

Spending a month in the forest taking photos of a tree may not be everyone's idea of a good time but Catherine Kirby thought it was great.

Budding leaders reap scholarship’s rewards 12th May 2015

Two good friends are among six people awarded a significant $4500 New Zealand horticultural scholarship for 2015.

Possible fault found 1st May 2015

University of Waikato scientists have identified the existence of a possible fault under Hamilton but say much more work is needed to conclusively prove its existence and no one should be concerned.

Cookin’ up a comet 24th April 2015

If you want to work for the European Space Agency (ESA), or on any of the world's space programmes for that matter, then you need to study science and maths.

Shedding light on biodiversity crisis 15th April 2015

A new book outlining New Zealand's declining biodiversity is as much about providing solutions as it is about highlighting the perilous state of many of our native species.

Vietnam adventure for Waikato marine scientists 14th April 2015

Mangrove forests up to 20 metres high, snakes, wasps and a whole lot of mud have been the making of an intrepid journey for three University of Waikato scientists conducting research in Vietnam.

University and regional council combine for regional benefit 9th April 2015

Boosting the Waikato's economic development and co-operation on freshwater management issues are the initial focus of a revised Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between two key regional organisations.

The wonders of space 9th April 2015

The Australian avionics systems engineer who helped build, test and launch the Rosetta space craft that successfully landed a probe on a comet (Comet-67P) says New Zealand and Australia should be investing much more heavily in science and engineering.

Ozzie (mis)adventure for intrepid trio 20th March 2015

They were three University of Waikato students on three bikes cycling across one continent with a world record in their sights. What could possibly go wrong?

Awe inspiring career for Waikato grad 20th March 2015

Handling cheetahs, training giraffes and rearing emu chicks are just a few of the things keeping University of Waikato graduate April McMurtrie busy in her inspiring career as a zoo keeper.

University marine bike ride part of SeaWeek activities 2nd March 2015

The University's Coastal Marine Field Station staff will lead a coastal bike ride 'with a difference' as part of the Marine Station's annual Open Day on Saturday 7 March in Tauranga.

Pacific students benefit from Edna Money Scholarships 27th February 2015

The inaugural three recipients of the Edna Money Future Pacific Leaders Scholarship were welcomed to the University of Waikato in late February.

Antarctic research to benefit from MBIE funding for NZ-Korea collaboration 19th February 2015

On February 9, the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) announced the University of Waikato was one of three multi-institutional joint research projects with the Republic of Korea to be awarded funding through a newly established bilateral funding scheme.

Icy expedition for Raglan locals 19th February 2015

'It's a small world after all' for Clare Beet and Dean Sandwell who found themselves on the same flight to Antarctica to partake in research for the University of Waikato.

New supercapacitor surge protector hits the market 16th February 2015

A supercapacitor-based surge protector, the S-TViQ, invented by University of Waikato Electrical EngineeringSenior Lecturer Nihal Kularatna, has made it to commercialisation.

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