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Dr Alison Campbell's BioBlog provides commentary on scientific topics for secondary school biology students and teachers. Originally written for those students preparing for scholarship biology examinations, the BioBlog now has a much wider reach. It encourages critical thinking and reviews and discusses scientific papers relevant to the curriculum. It is also an opportunity for readers to ask Alison questions. 

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Physics StopPhysics Stop

Dr Marcus Wilson provides a light-hearted look at everyday physics. Topics range from the effectiveness of a candle to a light bulb, to scholarship exams, to the ever-changing weather in Hamilton. Physics Stop is written by a physicist, but is intended for a general audience.

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Waikato on iceWaikato on Ice - University of Waikato Research in Antarctica

Waikato scientists spent November 2011 on Mt Erebus being photographed by National Geographic while they worked. In January and February 2012 scientists will investigate other areas including Bratina Island, the Dry Valleys and the early explorers’ huts. Watch this space!

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