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October 2011 Archives

So, it seems that Harold Camping is back - this is the man who said the world would end in May this year. Apparently he Got It Wrong, and the deadline is now 21 October ie Friday next week. Given where NZ sits relative to the dateline, I'm sure we'll be among the first to know.

Except, of course, that he's not the only purveyor of doom-filled prophecies. According to those who buy into the significance of parts of the ancient Mayan calendar, we're to expect Extremely Bad Things on 21 December 2012 (all based,it seems, on substantial misinterpretation of said calendar). Oh noes! Who to believe?

Well, since there's been a plethora of such predictions, mostly proved wrong after the (non)event, I'd say, none of them. They lack evidence, or even a firm basis in scientific concepts; you might as well go with the lolcats...

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It wasn't all koala-spotting on our trip across the ditch (the Tasman Sea, for those readers not familiar with New Zild as it is spoken, lol). Apart from the glories of Melbourne (lovely old buildings, the stunning King Tut exhibition in Melbourne Museum, floral Doc Marten boots mmmmmm - & of course the restaurants of Lygon Street!), we also spent time on the Great Ocean Road & with friends in Ballarat.

Now, our friends know how much the husband likes fossils, & so for our visit they'd scoped out a few sites that weren't too far afield, & last Sunday we drove out to Castlemain, picked up a friend of the friends, & headed out to see what could be found. We were sort of expecting a canyon or something, so were slightly surprised to end up out in the bush, not far from a road. It turned out that the road had been driven through some ancient rocks, around 450 million years old, & there were rich pickings in the roadside spoil heaps. 

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We've just got back from a holiday over in Australia - hence the lack of blogging after the last burst. (If I'd done anything work-related I suspect I'd have experienced a rapid divorce!)

Of course, before we left our friends were all saying "we hope you spot some koalas." We hoped so too, but after a fair bit of driving through various eucalypt forests we were beginning to wonder. Until we went down to the Cape Otway region & headed down to the Cape Otway Lightstation. 

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