Student Profiles

Our Science students come from a range of academic and personal backgrounds, and end up in a diverse range of positions. Read below about the dynamic experiences and opportunities a selection of our current students and graduates are undertaking.


Fenna Beets

Biological Sciences
"When I went snorkelling for the first time...I put my head in the water with my mask on and saw this explosion of colour and fish, I was absolutely hooked. I needed to know more. It was then I truly found what I was passionate about."

Tori Blomfield

Earth Sciences
"I was able to talk about my volunteering experience in my [job] interview, and it really impressed my employers. I deal with a huge spectrum of different people at work, so it’s been incredibly helpful to have that experience."

Billy Bodger

Earth Sciences
Smaller class sizes, enthusiastic lecturers and field trips to exciting North Island locations has made Earth Sciences study at Waikato a top experience for student Billy Bodger.

Jamie Bridson

Scientist Jamie Bridson is researching how we can use biological materials from the forestry industry to create new environmentally friendly products such as biodegradable plastics.

Annette Carshalton

Earth Sciences
Annette flew to Scott Base to begin her research in her version of paradise. She spent a week in Antarctica, flying by helicopter to nine different sites to collect soil climate data.

Catherine Charleson

Biological Sciences
Hearing heart-warming pregnancy success stories from her patients is the ultimate reward for Catherine Charleson, who works in a Hamilton fertility clinic as a clinical embryologist.

Alice Chibnall

Biological Sciences
Alice's research background is in stem cells and she works for renowned plastic surgeon and medical researcher Dr Swee Tan.

Monique Corbett

Biological Sciences
Monique has fond memories of all the practical, hands-on experience that was a big part of her degree, with the Bay of Plenty providing the perfect environment for the marine and freshwater related component in particular.

Anthony Coventry

Biological Sciences, Earth Sciences
“I really liked how the BSc(Tech) degree allowed me to have real work experience and connected me with people in the working world from a variety of industries”.

Andrea Dekrout

Biological Sciences
Andrea Dekrout's job tackles two of the biggest issues the world is worried about right now - the refugee crisis and environmental conservation.

Kelsey Ferris

"I'm spending one year with the British Geological Survey, working in the Inorganic Geochemistry Laboratories in Nottingham. Science can be one of the most hands-on fields to work in, and Waikato’s degree nurtures that."

Conor Gyde

Agribusiness, Biotechnology
"I always knew that Waikato has fantastic opportunities for scholarships, and the beautiful campus was the icing on the cake."

Dylan Harrison

For Waikato graduate Dylan Harrison, a career in science has always been on the cards.

Laura Hines

Biological Sciences, Earth Sciences
Although Laura Hines says that University is not just about the learning, she did a lot of it while she was at the University of Waikato.

Aaron Huesser

Earth Sciences
Growing up in rural Taranaki, Aaron developed an appreciation and passion for the environment. Surrounded by natural energy producers he also gained an enthusiasm for the energy industry, which sparked his interest in the earth sciences.

Sangata Kaufononga

Chemistry, Science

Catherine Kirby

Biological Sciences
A six-month exchange to Canada, a handful of scholarships and excellent support from lecturers were just a few of the things that made study at Waikato an experience of a lifetime for graduate Catherine Kirby.

Ryan Lee

Earth Sciences
"Over summer I worked in a lab where I used X-Ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy to undertake chemical analyses of rock samples."

Riki Lewis

Earth Sciences
For Riki Lewis, studying Earth Sciences at Waikato has led to an exciting job as a Soil Scientist with the Queensland Government.

Cathy (Zhi) Liu

Earth Sciences
Maintaining healthy harbours and estuaries is just one of the projects that Waikato PhD graduate Cathy Liu has been involved in during her time at the Waikato Regional Council (WRC).

Peter Longdill

Earth Sciences
"I selected Waikato University because of the excellent reputation of the Coastal Marine Group's research and staff, great relationships with industry, and a huge selection of field survey equipment and the technicians and capabilities to use it."

Kathleen Martinez

Environmental Sciences
"I’m in a lab the same amount of time, if not more than I’m in lectures each week, which really helps me retain the information I’m learning."

Tasman McKelvey

Earth Sciences
“The BSc(Tech) is such a flexible and job-orientated degree that incorporates both management as well as science and technology."

April McMurtrie

Animal Behaviour, Biological Sciences
Handling cheetahs, training giraffes and rearing emu chicks are just a few of the things keeping University of Waikato graduate April McMurtrie busy in her inspiring career as a zoo keeper.

Samskar Palavarapu

Computer Science
"I chose Waikato because I knew I would get the chance to explore untapped areas of existing technologies and enable them for use in future projects."

Sanjay Patel

Sanjay Patel found his passion in chemistry and finance at the University of Waikato after deciding an Otago health sciences degree wasn’t for him.

Rebecca Prestidge

Molecular and Cellular Biology
"The CUP programme prepared me for what I’d face when I started my degree – it really set me up for uni."

Jonathan Puddick

Jonathan specialises in analytical biochemistry and uses analytical techniques to understand the biochemistry of cyanobacteria and algae.

Jonno Rau

Environmental Sciences
Jonno is testing soils’ composition and capacity to hold water against the needs of the different crops and analysing satellite images to map frosts in each area.

Stewart Robertson

Biological Sciences
Waikato Biological Sciences graduate Stewart Robertson has used his scientific knowledge and entrepreneurial vision to create an idyllic lifestyle for himself as an owner/operator conservation tour guide in the Abel Tasman National Park.

Chris Wakefield

St Paul’s student, Chris Wakefield, has been passionate about Chemistry and Biology from a young age so his decision to enroll in Waikato’s Bachelor of Science (Technology) with a biochemistry major was relatively straight-forward.

Alice Wang

Biochemistry, Chemistry
"This role combines my technical knowledge and people skills to connect with customers throughout the world."

Joshua Wasniewski

"Studying at the University of Waikato has allowed me to meet so many new people and allowed me to gain an understanding of their unique culture and enjoy learning their perspectives on things."

Ashleigh Weatherall

Animal Behaviour
Passionate to make a difference after seeing inadequate animal living conditions in Japanese zoos, Ashleigh Weatherall chose to pursue a Bachelor of Science (Tech) at the University of Waikato.

Ashley Webby

Biological Sciences
"I absolutely loved my placement at the Otorohanga Kiwi House, where I was a keeper and raised eight baby kiwi chicks."

Lauren Werrey

Animal Behaviour, Biological Sciences
"The knowledge I gained through my studies, and the opportunities I was given with my placements, were the foot in the door into the industry."

Cody Wright

A passion for chemistry has led Cody Wright to an exciting position with New Zealand’s leading analytical testing laboratory.