Emeritus Professor Richard J Wilkins

Emeritus Professor

Qualifications: MSc Auck PhD Otago

Research Supervised

PhD Students:

Jones, Tracey (2013). Origins and partner choices of Antarctic lichens.

Deane, Jessica (in progress). The enigmatic function of the disappearing Rauber's layer.

Anandasayanan, Manickavasagar (2006). Isolation of a Polymerase III encoded gene of Pinus radiata.

Craven, Anthony (2004). Prolactin   signalling in murine hair growth.

Jacobson, Greg (2004). Cellular clonality in bovine mammary tissue.

Speed, Kathy (2002). Promoter analysis of the Brets gene.

Kirk, Sondra (2002). The role of growth factors in the regeneration of skeletal muscle.

Whyte, Brett (2002). Gene transfer to the mammary gland.

MSc Students:

Hayward, Geoff (2004).  Analysis of alpha-S-1 casein mRNA variants in milk.

Berry, Carole (2002). Functional analysis of piedmontese Myostatin.

Chau, Linda (2002). Regulations of the myostatin gene.

Jackman, Mark (2002). Molecular mechanisms of Myostatin auto-regulation.

McFarlane, Craig (2002). Regulation of the p21 promoter by Myostatin during myogenesis.

Wilson, Ben (2002). GSP and LacZ reporter genes as a tool to monitor X-inactivation.

Walker, Mark (2001). Aberrant expression of bovine milk protein genes.

Barber, Mark (2001). Innate immune markers of the systemic inflammatory response syndrome.

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