Dr Vicki Moon

Senior Lecturer (Earth Sciences)

Qualifications: MSc PhD Waikato

Research Interests

Geomechanics and engineering geology, particularly soft rocks; volcanic and pyroclastic materials; weathering; mass wasting of weathered and altered rocks; soil erosion from development sites.

Research Supervised


  • Harris, Rachel (2015). The effects of benthic organisms on intertidal sediment erodibility. (chief supervisor Conrad Pilditch).
  • Roddy, Brendan (2010). The use of the sediment fingerprinting technique to quantify the different sediment sources entering the Whangapoua Estuary, North Island, in New Zealand.

MSc (Research)

  • Mills, Philippa (in progress). Initiation of landslides in sensitive soils in the Tauranga region.
  • Garae, Camilla (2015). Estimating patterns and rates of coastal cliff retreat around Tauranga Harbour.
  • Kleyburg, Melissa (2015). Paleoliquefaction in late Pleistocene alluvial sediments in the Hauraki and Hamilton basins.


  • Daysh, Katrina (2013). An investigation into the application of international environmental Greenroads Certification standards to road construction in New Zealand.
  • Cunningham, Michael (2012). Sensitive rhyolitic pyroclastic deposits in the Tauranga region: mineralogy, geomechanics and microstructure of peak and remoulded states.
  • Schicker, Renee (2010). Quantitative landslide susceptibility assessment of the Waikato region using GIS.
  • Wyatt, Justin (2009). Sensitivity and clay mineralogy of weathered tephra-derived soil material in the Tauranga region.

Recent Publications

  • Kluger, M. O., Jorat, M. E., Moon, V. G., Kreiter, S., De Lange, W. P., Mörz, T., . . . Lowe, D. J. (2020). Rainfall threshold for initiating effective stress decrease and failure in weathered tephra slopes. Landslides, 17, 267-281. doi:10.1007/s10346-019-01289-2 Open Access version:

  • Kluger, M. O., Kreiter, S., Moon, V. G., Orense, R. P., Mills, P. R., & Mörz, T. (2019). Undrained cyclic shear behaviour of weathered tephra. Geotechnique, 69(6), 489-500. doi:10.1680/jgeot.17.P.083

  • Moon, V., & De Lange, W. (2019). Characteristics of sub-surface sediments in southern Stella Passage, Tauranga Harbour (ERI report number 133). Hamilton, New Zealand: Environmental Research Institute.

  • Lowe, D. J., Loame, R. C., Moon, V. G., Johnston, R. E., Kluger, M. O., Villamor, P., . . . Rees, A. B. H. (2018). Earth-shaking insight from liquefied tephra layers in lakes in central Waikato region, New Zealand: a new tool to evaluate and date palaeoseismicity?. In Crossing New Frontiers: INTAV International Field Conference on Tephrochronology, ‘Tephra Hunt in Transylvania’. Conference held in Moieciu de Sus, Romania.

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Contact Details

Room: DE.1.03
Phone: +64 7 837 9388