Emeritus Professor Michael J Selby

Emeritus Professor (Earth Sciences)

Qualifications: BA(Hons) MA DipEd DSc Oxf DPhil Waikato

About Michael

Professor Selby's service to the University began before its foundation, with his appointment as a junior lecturer at the Waikato Branch of the University of Auckland. A career in Earth Sciences developed rapidly, and Michael was appointed to a Chair in Earth Sciences in 1980.

Career highlights have included the award of a DSc from Oxford University which acknowledges his contributions to his field, the publication of highly regarded texts on rock slope stability, and the naming in his honour of Mount Selby, in Antarctica's Britannia Ranges.

Professor Selby has now retired from the University of Waikato.

Research Interests

Rock and soil mechanics, engineering geology and archeological science; strength of rock and soils, and especially the application of strength studies to the stability of mountain slopes. Field work included studies in Antarctica, the Sahara, southern Africa, the Andes and Himalayas as well as in New Zealand.

Selected publications

Selby, M.J. 1993: Hillslope Materials and Processes, 2nd ed, Press Oxford University Press 451p.

Soons, J.M. and Selby M.J. 1992: (eds) Soons, J.M. and Selby M.J. Landforms of New Zealand 2nd ed. Longman Paul. Auckland: 531p.

Selby, M.J. 1985: Earth's Changing Surface, Clarendon Press Oxford: 607p.