Dr Mostafa Seifan

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Qualifications: BEng, MEng, PhD

Research Interests

  • Smart product fabrication and testing
  • Self-healing material development
  • Additive manufacturing of concrete
  • Nano-materials in concrete and sustainable concrete technology
  • Biocatalytic processes in building materials
  • Mechanical engineering design
  • Behaviour and modelling of metallic structures under dynamic loads

Teaching Commitments

Recent Publications

  • Davani-Davari, D., Negahdaripour, M., Karimzadeh, I., Seifan, M., Mohkam, M., Masoumi, S., . . . Ghasemi, Y. (2019). Prebiotics: Definition, types, sources, mechanisms, and clinical applications. Foods, 8(3), 92. doi:10.3390/foods8030092

  • Ebrahiminezhad, A., Moeeni, F., Taghizadeh, S. -M., Seifan, M., Bautista, C., Novin, D., . . . Berenjian, A. (2019). Xanthan gum capped ZnO microstars as a promising dietary zinc supplementation. Foods, 8(3), 88. doi:10.3390/foods8030088

  • Seifan, M., Sarmah, A. K., Samani, A. K., Ebrahiminezhad, A., Ghasemi, Y., & Berenjian, A. (2018). Mechanical properties of bio self-healing concrete containing immobilized bacteria with iron oxide nanoparticles. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 102(10), 1189-4498. doi:10.1007/s00253-018-8913-9

  • Seifan, M., Ebrahiminezhad, A., Ghasemi, Y., Samani, A. K., & Berenjian, A. (2018). The role of magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles in the bacterially induced calcium carbonate precipitation. Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology, 102(8), 3595-3606. doi:10.1007/s00253-018-8860-5

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Contact Details

Phone: +64 7 838 4173