Dr Martin Atkins

Senior Lecturer in Chemical and Process Engineering

Qualifications: BSc, MSc, PhD (Univ. of Waikato)

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Research Interests

Process integration and pinch analysis, integration of renewable energy for process heat, pinch analysis for emissions reduction, process modelling, industrial energy efficiency, pulp and paper processing and pressure screening of pulp suspensions.

Research Supervised

PhD Researchers

  • Nathan S. Lal (PhD, 2020), Automated Retrofit of Heat Exchanger Networks, University of Waikato (Chief Supervisor; Waiting for examination).
  • Dani Bertram (PhD, 2020), Optimal Integration of Wave Energy Systems into the New Zealand Electricity Grid, University of Waikato (Co-supervisor; In progress).
  • Abdul Kaggwa (PhD, 2021), Nanofluids as Heat Transfer Media in Flat Plate Solar Water Heaters, University of Waikato (Co-supervisor; In progress).
  • Benjamin Ong (PhD, 2019), A Kraft Mill-Integrated Biorefinery Design for New Zealand, University of Waikato (Chief Supervisor; Passed).
  • Amir Tarighaleslami (PhD, 2018), Unified Total Site Heat Integration: Targeting, Optimisation and Network Design, University of Waikato (Co-supervisor; Passed).
  • Tim Walmsley (PhD, 2014), Heat Integrated Milk Powder Production, University of Waikato, (Co-supervisor; Passed)

Masters Researchers

  • Haofeng Zhu (ME, 2020), A Seabased Wave Energy Device: An Experimental Investigation, University of Waikato (Chief Supervisor: Thesis submitted).
  • Alvin Chand (MSc, 2016), Carbon Dioxide Emission Reduction in New Zealand Transport Sector, University of Waikato (Co-supervisor; Passed).
  • Akash Lokhande (ME, 2015), Vacuum Steam Desuperheating and Condensation: An Experimental Investigation, University of Waikato (Chief Supervisor; Passed).

Teaching Commitments


Energy; Engineering; Fluid Mechanics; Sustainability

Process Integration, Industrial Energy Systems, Process Heat, Emissions Reduction

Recent Publications

  • Bertram, D. V., Tarighaleslami, A. H., Walmsley, M. R. W., Atkins, M. J., & Glasgow, G. D. E. (2020). A systematic approach for selecting suitable wave energy converters for potential wave energy farm sites. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 132. doi:10.1016/j.rser.2020.110011

  • Aporosa, A. S., Atkins, M., & Brunton, R. (2020). Kava drinking in traditional settings: Towards understanding effects on cognitive function. Human Psychopharmacology, 35(2). doi:10.1002/hup.2725

  • Tarighaleslami, A. H., Ghannadzadeh, A., Atkins, M. J., & Walmsley, M. R. W. (2020). Environmental life cycle assessment for a cheese production plant towards sustainable energy transition: Natural gas to biomass vs. natural gas to geothermal. Journal of Cleaner Production, 275. doi:10.1016/j.jclepro.2020.122999

  • Ong, B. H. Y., Walmsley, T. G., Atkins, M. J., Varbanov, P. S., & Walmsley, M. R. W. (2019). A heat- and mass-integrated design of hydrothermal liquefaction process co-located with a Kraft pulp mill. Energy, 189. doi:10.1016/

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Contact Details

Room: EF.2.03
Phone: +64 7 837 9637
Cellphone: +64 21139 4538