Dr Kiri Joy Wallace

Research Officer

Qualifications: BSc (U. of Delaware), MSc (U. of Delaware), PhD (U. of Waikato)

Personal Website:

About Kiri

I am passionate about forest and community ecology and learning how to restore native ecosystems. Going hand-in-hand with that, I like to restore people's connection with nature, helping them enjoy and benefit from it! Ecological research sparks my interest and allows me to shine, whatever a specific project may entail.

Research Interests

I have a specific interest in urban forest restoration ecology and am a Plantings Research Aim Leader in the MBIE funded research programme People, Cities & Nature.

Research Supervised

All in Urban Forest Restoration Ecology, through the main programme People, Cities & Nature:

MSc, Kat De Silva, Victoria University

MSc, Sarah Busbridge, University of Waikato

MSc, Monique Hall, University of Waikato


Biology; Ecology; Environment


Contact Details

Room: F.G.10a
Phone: +64 7 838 4466 Ext 6585