Dr Karsten Zegwaard

Director of Work-Integrated Learning Research

Qualifications: CHP, BSc, MSc(Tech) (Hons), PhD

About Karsten

I hold two positions at the university, firstly as Director of Work-Integrated Learning Research in the Central Work-Integrated Learning Unit, Office of the Deputy Vice Chancellor Academic, and secondly as academic lead on the work placement programme for the School of Science, Division of Health, Engineering, Computing, and Science (HECS).  My research passion is work-integrated learning (WIL), especially around skill acquisition, student learning, quality in WIL, programme/curriculum development, and developing emerging WIL researchers.

As Director of WIL Research, I work close with the WIL staff centrally and within the schools to enable research-informed best practice of WIL and empower WIL academic staff research activities.  As academic lead for the Science work placements, I oversee work placement programme development and the student learning through engagement with the work placements.

I am also the Editor-in-Chief for the International Journal of Work-Integrated Learning (, co-editor of the International Handbook on Cooperative and Work-Integrated Education, Vice-President of New Zealand Association for Cooperative Education (NZACE), board member of the World Association of Cooperative Education (WACE), and Vice-Chair (Oceania) of the WACE International Research Committee.  I was also fortunate to be a recipient of several awards, including the CEIA Ralph W. Tyler Award for Outstanding and Distinguished Research (2013), WACE Donald McLaren Academic Award for Professional Achievement in Cooperative and Work-Integrated Education (2015), and the James W. Wilson Award for Outstanding Contribution to Research in the Field of Cooperative Education and Internships (2019).

Research Interests

I hold a PhD in Science and subsequently progressed my research into work-integrated learning mostly in the context of science and engineering but also broader.  My research has primarily focused on student key competencies development whilst engaging in work-integrated learning (WIL) experiences, student awareness and development of professional ethics, and their development of a professional identity.  In addition to being the Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Work-Integrated Learning, I also often facilitate workshops on best practice of WIL programmes and conducting research in WIL.

Research Supervised


  • Siju (Joseph) Thomas (2019), Investigating the skill development of engineering students through work-integrated learning and project-based learning. Current.
  • Nelson Cyril (2015), An investigation of malaysian secondary school students mental models of acid-based chemistry. Completed.
  • Jared Carpendale (2016), Collaborative Core Design and Implementation for Electricity And Magnetism: Enhancing Practising Science Teachers’ PCK. Completed.

Masters in Education

  • Jared Carpendale (2013) Science education in a museum setting. Completed.

Teaching Commitments


Co-operative Education; Curriculum; Education; Education Research; Engineering; Experiential Learning; Key Competencies; Learning; Learning and Education; Learning Environment; Learning in Science and Technology; Lifelong Learning; Pedagogy; Science; Science Education; Social Science Research; Social Sciences and Education; Teacher Practice/Practicum; Teaching and Learning; Teaching Ethics and Professionalism; Tertiary Education; Work Experience-Based Learning

Work-integrated learning

Recent Publications

  • Martin, A., Rees, M., Fleming, J., Zegwaard, K. E., & Vaughan, K. (2019). Work-integrated learning legacies: Building student & supervisor capability (Central Regional Hub-funded project). Wellington, New Zealand: Ako Aotearoa. Retrieved from

  • Zegwaard, K. E., Badger, N., Parmenter, L., Clavert, S., & Bowell, T. (2019). Structuring work-integrated learning into the university curriculum. In Global Internship Conference: Intergrating employability outcomes through global internships. Conference held in Auckland, New Zealand.

  • Tanaka, Y., & Zegwaard, K. E. (Eds.) (2019). Cooperative and work-integrated education in Asia: history, Present and future issues. Routledge. Retrieved from

  • Zegwaard, K. E. (2019). Cooperative education in the Asian region: Future development and direction. In Y. Tanaka, & K. E. Zegwaard (Eds.), Cooperative and Work-Integrated Education in Asia: History, Present and Future Issues (pp. 176-184). Routledge.

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Contact Details

Room: E.G.16A and ORAN.1.02
Phone: +64 7 838 4892
Cellphone: +64 27 44 55 686