Mr Josh Barnett

Technical Officer

Qualifications: ME, BE(Hons)

About Josh

Josh is a design engineer and member of the Waikato Robotics Automation and Sensing (WaiRAS) research group. He has a keen interest in applied robotics and has designed and built a range of bespoke machinery from custom robots, dampers and relays through to production tooling and earth-moving equipment. Josh has contributed towards robotics research projects with the development of pollination & harvesting systems, data collection rigs and autonomous agricultural vehicles. His work currently includes the development of a robotic asparagus harvester and technical hardware supervision on the MBIE MaaraTech project.

Research Interests





Recent Publications

  • Barnett, J., Duke, M., Au, C. K., & Lim, S. H. (2020). Work distribution of multiple Cartesian robot arms for kiwifruit harvesting. Computers and Electronics in Agriculture, 169. doi:10.1016/j.compag.2019.105202

  • Au, C. K., Barnett, J., Lim, S. H., & Duke, M. (2020). Workspace analysis of Cartesian robot system for kiwifruit harvesting. Industrial Robot. doi:10.1108/IR-12-2019-0255

  • Barnett, J., Duke, M., & Lim, S. H. (2019). Robotics in agriculture - design as a catalyst for research and investment. In Manufacturing and Design New Zealand 2019 (pp. 62). Auckland, New Zealand.

  • Barnett, J., Duke, M., Au, C., Lim, S. H., & Seabright, M. (2019). A Hybrid Manipulator Configuration for Harvesting Kiwifruit. In Australasian Conference on Robotics and Automation, ACRA. Conference held at University of Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia.

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Contact Details

Room: D.2.06
Phone: 078384939
Cellphone: 02102881274