Dr Hazel R Needham


Research Supervised

Drylie, Tarn (in progress). The effects of low level disturbances on coastal soft sediment biodiversity and ecosystem function. (Primary Supervisor Prof Conrad Pilditch).

Teaching Commitments

Recent Publications

  • Drylie, T. P., Pilditch, C. A., Needham, H. R., Lohrer, A. M., & Hartland, A. (2018). Does calcium carbonate alter the functional resilience of coastal sediments to eutrophication-induced acidification?. In NZ Marine Sciences Society Conference: Weaving The Strands. Conference held at Napier Conference Centre, Napier, New Zealand.

  • Drylie, T. P., Pilditch, C. A., Lohrer,, A. M., & Needham, H. R. (2017). Does primary production in emerged estuarine sediments provide resilience against increasing turbidity?. In New Zealand Marine Sciences Society 56th Annual Conference, Mahi Ngātahi: Working Together for Better Management into the Future. Conference held at University of Canterbury, Christchurch.

  • Gladstone-Gallagher, R. V., Needham, H. R., Lohrer, A. M., Lundquist, C. J., & Pilditch, C. A. (2017). Site-dependent effects of bioturbator-detritus interactions alter soft-sediment ecosystem function. Marine Ecology Progress Series, 569, 145-161. doi:10.3354/meps12086

  • Drylie, T. P., Pilditch, C. A., Lohrer, A. M., Needham, H. R., & Sandwell, D. R. (2016). Measuring ecosystem function in soft-sediments at low tide: method development & implementation. In New Zealand Marine Sciences Society and Australian Marine Sciences Association joint conference. Held at Victoria University of Wellington, Wellington, New Zealand. Retrieved from

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Room: E.1.09
Phone: +64 7 838 4383