Dr Graeme Glasgow

Senior Lecturer

Qualifications: BEng MSc PhD CEng CEnv CWEM MCIWEM

About Graeme

Graeme has over 25 years experience in the water industry. He has previously worked as a senior process engineer in consultancies and water companies in the UK and New Zealand. His research interests are in water and wastewater treatment. Graeme is a chartered engineer, chartered environmentalist and a chartered water and environmental manager.

Research Interests

Water treatment

Wastewater treatment

Solid waste management

Teaching Commitments



Water treatment, Wastewater treatment, Solid waste management.

Recent Publications

  • Bernstein, D., Glasgow, G. D. E., Manley-Harris, M., & Lay, M. (2017). Biological activated carbon and advanced oxidation processes for the removal of cyanobacterial metabolites in drinking water treatment. Chemistry in New Zealand, 81(1), 13-18. Open Access version:

  • Yan, L., Lay, M., Glasgow, G. D. E., Low, A., & Henderson, G. (2017). Electro-coagulation of meat processing wastewater. In Water New Zealand Conference and Expo. Conference held Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand:

  • Holtz, N., Low, A., McElroy, A., Evans, N., Madden, T., Aremu, J., . . . Glasgow, G. D. E. (2017). Arsenic removal from contaminated water using non-imprinted polymers. In Water New Zealand Conference. Conference held Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand.

  • Low, A., Holtz, N., Madden, T., Petcu, M., Ericksen, R., Low, J., . . . Glasgow, G. D. E. (2017). Chromium recovery from tannery wastewater using molecularly imprinted polymers. In WaterNZ. Conference held Hamilton, Waikato, NZ.

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Contact Details

Room: CD3.02
Phone: +64 7 838 4466 ext 5269