Dr Fiona Petchey

Senior Research Fellow; Deputy Director

Qualifications: MA(Hons) Anthropology Auckland, DPhil Waikato

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Research Interests

Dr Petchey's research involves the application of radiocarbon techniques to the improvement of archaeological chronologies by the joint investigation of site taphonomy combined with sample specific radiocarbon (14C) effects in shell and bone caused by diet and environmental conditions. Her research is based on the premise that isotopic analysis (d13Ccollagen, d13Ccarbonate, d15N and d34S for bone, and d18O and d13C for shell), combined with geographic, archaeological and metabolic information, can help disentangle the mix of 14C from terrestrial and marine sources. This research has led the way in obtaining reliable calibrated radiocarbon data from Neolithic burials from Portugal and Lapita age sites in Fiji, Samoa, New Britain, Saipan and Vanuatu.

Teaching Commitments


Anthropology; Radiocarbon Dating

Archaeological science

Recent Publications

  • Potts, D. T., Radner, K., Squitieri, A., Ameen, A., Rohde, J., Yawar, P., . . . Potts, H. B. (2019). Gird-i Rostam 2018: preliminary report on the first season of excavations by the joint Kurdish-German-American team. JEOL, 47, 91-127.

  • Petchey, F. (2019). New evidence for a Mid- to Late-Holocene change in the marine reservoir effect across the South Pacific Gyre. Radiocarbon, 1-13. doi:10.1017/rdc.2019.103

  • Petchey, F., & Kirch, P. V. (2019). The importance of shell: Redating of the To’aga site (Ofu Island, Manu'a) and a revised chronology for the Lapita to Polynesian Plainware transition in Tonga and Sāmoa. PLOS ONE, 14(9), e0211990. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0211990

  • Rowe, C., David, B., Mialanes, J., Ulm, S., Petchey, F., Aird, S., . . . Richards, T. (2019). A Holocene record of savanna vegetation dynamics in southern lowland Papua New Guinea. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany, 14 pages. doi:10.1007/s00334-019-00724-7 Open Access version:

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Room: C.G.01A
Phone: +64 7 838 4278