Dr Fiona Martin


Qualifications: MA, PhD Waikato

Recent Publications

  • Martin, F. A. L. (2015). 'Mong'st the furies finde just recompence': Suicide and the supernatural in William Sampson's The Vow Breaker (1636). In M. Harmes, & V. Bladen (Eds.), Supernatural and Secular Power in Early Modern England (pp. 117-139). Farnham, Surrey, UK: Ashgate. Open Access version:

  • Moffat, K., & Martin, F. (2012). New Zealand. The Journal of Commonwealth Literature, 47(4), 547-559. doi:10.1177/0021989412464112 Open Access version:

  • Martin, F. A. L. (2012). A disgraceful decollation: Chapman's Byron on the scaffold. In ANZSA Conference 2012: Shakespeare and Emotions. Conference held at University of Western Australia, Perth, Australia.

  • Martin, F. A. L. (2011). 'I demand an undying devotion to the play': Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Undead. In G. Schott, & K. Moffat (Eds.), Fanpires: Audience Consumption of the Modern Vampire (pp. 275-289). Washington DC, United States: New Academia Publishing. Open Access version:

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Contact Details

Room: E.2.20
Phone: +64 7 838 4027