David Culliford

Technical Operations Manager - Tauranga. Faculty Vessel Officer

Qualifications: MSc Biological Science, BSc Environmental Science, HND Marine Environmental Management, Inshore Launch Master, LCoC Scientific Diver


Biology; Coastal Sciences; Ecology; Environmental Science and Technology; Marine

Recent Publications

  • Ross, P. M., & Culliford, D. P. (2018). The impact of capital dredging on the pipi (Paphies australis) of Te Paritaha (Centre Bank) in Tauranga Harbour. (ERI Report No. 109). Hamilton, New Zealand: Environmental Research Institute, Faculty of Science and Engineering, The University of Waikato.

  • Clark, D., Taiapa, C., Sinner, J., Taikato, V., Culliford, D., Battershill, C., . . . Patterson, M. (2018). 2016 Subtidal Ecological Survey of Tauranga Harbour and development of benthic health models: 2016 Subtidal Ecological Survey of Tauranga Harbour and Development of Benthic Health Models (OTOT Research Report No. 4). Palmerston North New Zealand: Massey University.

  • Culliford, D., & Ross, P. M. (2018). Pipi vs. the dredge! Tracking the recovery of Paphies australis following the Tauranga Harbour capital dredging campaign. In NZ Marine Sciences Society Conference: Weaving The Strands. Conference held at Napier Conference Centre, Napier, New Zealand.

  • Salvitti, L., Wood, S. A., Fairweather, R., Culliford, D., McNabb, P., & Cary, S. C. (2016). In situ accumulation of tetrodotoxin in non-toxic Pleurobranchaea maculata (Opisthobranchia). Aquatic Sciences, 10 pages. doi:10.1007/s00027-016-0500-5

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Contact Details

Room: Coastal Field Station Tauranga
Phone: 07 578 5936