Dr Christopher Lusk

Senior Research Fellow

Qualifications: PhD in Botany, Auckland

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Research Interests

Chris Lusk is a plant ecologist, working mainly on forest dynamics and plant physiological ecology. He is interested in trying to reconcile New Zealand's strange flora and vegetation with ecological theory, and in understanding the implications of introduced mammals and climate change for NZ vegetation. He is currently supervising research students working on growth vs. shade tolerance trade-offs in warm- and cool-temperate tree assemblages, and the physiological ecology of divaricate plants and their broadleaved congeners.

Research Supervised

MSc (Research)

  • FitzPatrick, Dominic (2015). Tree species sorting along temperature gradients: How do frost-resistant traits influence competitive ability in the forest environment?

Recent Publications

  • Nichlos, S. A., Wilson, C. R., & Lusk, C. H. (2019). Differential effects of elevation on leaf size of overstorey and understorey species in a temperate rainforest. New Zealand Journal of Botany, 57(1), 39-49. doi:10.1080/0028825X.2019.1567558

  • Lusk, C. (2019). Journal Annual Prize 2018. New Zealand Journal of Botany, 57(1), 1. doi:10.1080/0028825X.2019.1577744

  • Sendall, K. M., Reich, P. B., & Lusk, C. H. (2018). Size-related shifts in carbon gain and growth responses to light differ among rainforest evergreens of contrasting shade tolerance. Oecologia, 15 pages. doi:10.1007/s00442-018-4125-3

  • Parada, T., Lusk, C. H., & Donoso, P. J. (2018). Evidence that emergent Nothofagus dombeyi do not depress carbon sequestration rates of canopy species in an old-growth Chilean temperate forest. New Zealand Journal of Botany, 56(3), 311-322. doi:10.1080/0028825X.2018.1482928

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Contact Details

Room: D.1.08A
Phone: +64 7 838 4205