Dr Amanda French

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Research Fellow

Qualifications: B.S. Chemistry, Ph.D. Environmental Toxicology

Research Interests

I have a strong background in analytical chemistry and have focused on elemental analysis by ICP-MS.

General Interests:

  • Movement of metals in the environment
  • Arsenic and other elemental speciation in environmental and biological samples
  • Metal source apportionment (determining if elevated metal concentrations are due to anthropogenic input)
  • Metal toxicology
  • Ornithology

Techniques of interest:

  • ICP-MS
  • HPLC-ICP-MS for elemental speciation (Hg, As, Sb, Cr, Se)
  • LA-ICP-MS imaging
  • Single Particle analysis for nanoparticle determination
  • Imaging/mapping techniques


Chemistry; Environmental Chemistry; Metals

Contact Details

Room: C.3.09A
Phone: +64 7 838 4395