Our Facilities

We invest heavily into scientific equipment and facilities to ensure that our staff and students reach their fullest potentials.

We have an extensive range of laboratory equipment, allowing us to analyse the physical, chemical and biological compositions of most samples. Our biocontainment facilities enable us to undertake research on samples from other countries, as well as with modified organisms.

We also boast an impressive range of fieldwork equipment for surveying and monitoring different terrestrial, freshwater and marine environments.

Our equipment and facilities are available for commercial use. For further information,  please see our Analytical and Consultancy Services page.

Laboratory equipment

Our researchers have access to an impressive range of laboratory equipment, allowing them to compete on a global global stage.

Commercial laboratory services

Fieldwork equipment

We have a broad range of fieldwork equipment and the technical expertise to conduct research in even the most challenging natural environments.

Commercial fieldwork services

Teaching facilities

We invest heavily into facilities and equipment to ensure that our students enjoy an innovative and modern learning experience.

Undergraduate study options
Postgraduate study options

Our big backyard

Our staff and students have access to some incredible natural environments for research and teaching.