Waikato Centre for Advanced Materials and Manufacturing (WaiCAMM)

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The Waikato Centre for Advanced Materials and Manufacturing (WaiCAMM) includes experts in metals, polymers, composites, materials characterisation and manufacturing. Research spans a broad range of interests across these fields.

WaiCAMM hosts world-class expertise in developing novel processes for producing advanced materials and near net shape components and in developing high performance structural and functional materials. A primary focus of our research is to understand and establish the underpinning scientific knowledge of the processing-structure-properties relationship of different classes of materials. Changing the manufacturing method we can obtain different structures in the same material and, therefore, tailor its properties.

This interdisciplinary research group aims to develop new advanced materials as well as optimise their processing route to promote the reliable and efficient manufacturing of sustainable structural and functional engineering materials. We investigate the use of natural resources, industrial waste and by-products, and pioneer manufacturing techniques to create more environmentally friendly and renewable materials.

WaiCAMM is keen to establish partnerships with industrial companies and research organisations for mutual benefits and for strengthening the total materials research capability in New Zealand. Organisations interested in establishing partnerships with WaiCAMM are invited to contact members of our team directly.

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