Medical Devices

The Medical Devices research group consists of electronics, mechanical and physics staff whose research interests encompass four main areas:

  1. The imaging of the interior of the human body for clinical analysis and medical intervention,
  2. The sensing of medical signals and the use of signals to improve impaired functions of the human organism,
  3. The manufacturing of biomedical materials for interventional and assistive technologies,
  4. The modelling of various aspects of the human body using an anatomically and biophysically based approach.

Key technologies of interest include electromagnetic medical imaging and sensing at low, radio, microwave and millimetre wave frequencies for better and safer diagnosis and treatment; visual sensors for 3D time-of-flight range imaging with application to patient behaviour monitoring; hybrid materials to obtain customisable bioimplants with adjustable structural and functional properties; modelling of human cortex, signal processing of EEG waveforms and clinical monitoring of anaesthesia and computing- and communication-inspired modelling of tumor sensitization and targeting.

Key research projects in this area:

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