Wednesday 19th November

9:40amKeynote Talk - John Lewis, Making Academic Research Matter in Visual Effects.
10:40-11amMorning Tea
11:00-12:20pmOral Session - Tracking

7     Sebastien Wong, Adam Gatt, David Kearney, Anthony Milton and Victor Stamatescu, A competitive attentional approach to mitigating model drift in adaptive visual tracking.

67 Chia-Yen Chen, Jia-Hong Zhang and Bao Rong Chang, Visual Odometry with Improved Adaptive Feature Tracking.

64Mohammad Hedayati, Michael J. Cree and Jonathan Scott, Network Structure for Tracking of Jockeys in Horse Races.

53Anthony Milton, Sebastien Wong, David Kearney and Simon Lemmo. The CACTuS multi-object visual tracking algorithm on a heterogeneous computing system.

1:20-1:30pmNZRAS Workshop Welcome: Bruce MacDonald chair NZRAS
1:30-3:10pmNZRAS Workshop: Overview presentations (10 minutes each)

Mohan Sridharan

Auckland University of Technology. Bio-instrumentation and Textile Sensing at AUT

Burkhard Wuensche

University of Auckland. Centre for Automation and Robotic Engineering Science (CARES) Integrating Learning, Representation and Reasoning for Autonomy in Human-Robot Collaboration

Sen GuptaMassey University. Intelligent Systems at SEAT, Massey 

Tim MoltenoUniversity of Otago. Sensors and Inference at the University of Otago

J P Lewis

Victoria University of Wellington. Robots, Intelligence, and Vision at Victoria University of Wellington

Richard Green University of Canterbury. University of Canterbury Mobile Robotics

John A. Perrone

University of Waikato. Seeing in 3D: Extraction of Depth Information from Passive Monocular Video Sequences and Active Time-of-Flight Range Imaging

Robert Valkenburg

Callaghan Innovation. Current Activities and Interests of the Computer Vision Team, Callaghan Innovation

Rod McDonald Plant and Food. Sensors and automation in fruit e-commerce

Ian Woodhead Lincoln Agritech. Sensing and Automation Research at Lincoln Agritech

3:10-3:30pmAfternoon tea


NZRAS Workshop: Discussion session. Future directions for the NZRAS and opportunities for collaboration in robotics, automation and sensing.
4:30-5:15pm NZRAS Annual General Meeting.

Workshop Committee

Tim Molteno, Michael Cree, Bruce MacDonald

Thursday 20th November

9amKeynote Talk - Fay Huang, The Fascination of Images: From Practical Use to Plain Fun
10-11amPoster Session 1 and Morning Tea
11-12:20pmOral Session - Registration/Mosaicking

Brendan Mccane, Case deletion for fundamental matrix computation.

71 Victor Wang and Michael Hayes, Image registration of simulated synthetic aperture sonar images using SIFT.

10Campbell Young, David Eyers and Steven Mills, Parallel and Distributed Mosaic Seamline Estimation.

8    Stefan Marks, Javier Emmanuel Estevez and Andy M. Connor, Towards the Holodeck: Fully Immersive Virtual Reality Visualisation of Scientific and Engineering Data.

1:20-3pmOral Session - 3D/Stereo

40Hoang Minh Nguyen, Burkhard Wunsche, Patrice Delmas and Christof Lutteroth, Identifying Low Confidence Mesh Regions Uncertainty.

24Tom Botterill, Richard Green and Steven Mills, Voxel carving for collision avoidance for a vine pruning robot arm.

1    Davide Floriello, Tom Botterill and Richard Green, A topological constrained model-based approach to correspondence problems for branched structures.

16Dongwei Liu and Reinhard Klette, Matting-Based Stereo Refinement for Computational Photography.

56Hsiang-Jen Chien, Haokun Geng and Reinhard Klette, Improved Visual Odometry based on Transitivity Error in Disparity Space - A Third-eye Approach.

3pm-3:30pmAfternoon Tea
3:30-5pmOral Session - Features/Texture


Brendan Mccane, Random projections for feature matching.

21  Harith Al-Sahaf, Mengjie Zhang and Mark Johnston, Genetic Programming Evolved Filters from a Small Number of Instances for Multiclass Texture Classification.

51  Ralph Versteegen, Georgy Gimel'farb and Patricia Riddle, Learning High-order Generative Texture Models.

60Ni Liu, Georgy Gimelfarb and Patrice Delmas, High-Order MGRF Models for Contrast/Offset Invariant Texture Retrieval.

7pmDinner at Ferry Bank

Friday 21st November

9amKeynote Talk - Reinhard Klette, Monocular Vision for Driver Assistance
10-11amPoster Session 2 and Morning Tea
11-12:20pmOral Session - Image Processing

36Lee Streeter, Michael J. Cree and Adrian Dorrington, Two Approximate Closed Form Solutions to Total Variation Noise Reduction.

65Henry G. R. Gouk and Anthony M. Blake, Fast Sliding Window Classification with Convolutional Neural Networks.

63Xiabin Gu, Jeremiah Deng and Martin Purvis, Superpixel-based Segmentation with Multilayer Bipartite Graphs via Grassmann Manifolds.

35Sahand Seifi, Afsaneh Rafighi and Oscar Meruvia-Pastor, DeReEs: Real-Time Registration of RGBD Images Using Image-Based Feature Detection And Robus 3D Correspondence Estimation and Refinement.

1:20-2:20Oral Session - Applications

9   Steven Mills, Lech Szymanski and Reuben Johnson, Hierarchical Structure from Motion from Endoscopic Video.

14   Laura J. King, Philip J. Bones and Rick P. Millane, Phase unwrapping for magnetic resonance imaging near metal prostheses.

12Amirhossein Rouhi and James A. Thom, A Compressed-domain Robust Descriptor for Near Duplicate Video Copy Detection.


Posters - Thursday 10am

11Aaron Marburg and Michael Hayes, Pose Guided Matching for Aerial Images.
32   Michael Claveria and Kyungim Baek, Analyzing Trac Density in Images with Low Temporal and Spatial Resolution.
29Andre Barczak, Teo Susnjak and Napoleon Reyes, Characterisation of the Discriminative Properties of the Radial Tchebichev Moments for Hand-written Digits.
23Xu He, ZhengpingWang, Bok-Suk Shin and Reinhard Klette, Detection of Dened Human Poses for Video Surveillance.
74Wei Li, Trevor Gee and Patrice Delmas, A practical comparison between Zhang's and Tsai's calibration approaches.
33Edward Peek, Burkhard Wuensche and Christof Lutteroth, Using Integrated GPUs to Offload Image Warping for HMDs.
54Fasahat Ullah Siddiqui, Shyh Wei Teng, Guojun Lu and Mohammad Awrangjeb, Automatic Extraction of Buildings in an Urban Region.
43Rikki Shimazaki and Richard Green, Perimeter Detection of Burnt Rural Fire Regions.
49Matthew Edwards and Richard Green, Low-Latency Filtering of Kinect Skeleton Data for Video Game Control.
55Blair Bonnett and Michael Hayes, Data-driven image registration for coherent change detection of synthetic aperture sonar imagery.
61Joe Chen, Rick Millane, Rick Kirian, Kenneth Beyerlein, Richard Bean, Henry Chapman and Philip Bones, Phase retrieval from crystalline diraction averaged over several different unit cells.
52Jordan Campbell, Steven Mills and Mike Paulin, Kinematic Spider Tracking with PoseCut.
15Chien-Chuan Ko, Cheng-Yu Tsia, Jun-Hung Lin and Kai-Sheng Liao, A Computer-Aided Diagnosis System of Breast Intraductal Lesion Using Histopathological Images.

Posters - Friday 10am

42Steven Mills, Daniel Cury Ribeiro, Gillian Johnson and Ezharzihni Zulkifly, Principal Component Representations of Chewing Motion.
62  John See and Suyin Tan, Lost World: Looking for Anomalous Tracks in Long-term Surveillance Videos.
73Robert Larkins, Michael J. Cree and Adrian Dorrington, Evaluating Equiangle Binning for Spherical Harmonic Registration.
72Chin-Yi Cheng, Yung-Lun Chen, Shyi-Chyi Cheng and Jun-Wei Hsieh, Fast 3D Human Body Gesture Recognition with Multiple Principal Planes Approximation.
45Alex Beatson and Richard Green, Calculating a Vagal Tone Index using Webcam Photoplethysmography.
38Refael Whyte, Ayush Bhandari, Lee Streeter, Michael Cree and Adrian Dorrington, Time Frequency Duality of Time-of-Flight Range Cameras for Resolving Multi-path Interference.
2Deng-Yuan Huang, Shr-Huan Di, Wu-Chih Hu and Yi-Jen Su, Face Recognition Based on DualTree Complex Wavelet Transform under Low Illumination Environments.
48Maria Mikhisor, Geo Wyvill, Brendan Mccane and Steven Mills, 3D Face Tracking in Fisheye Stereo Video Using Particle Filters.
50Nimal Jayalath Amarasinghe and Tariq Khan, Compensated Rotational-Invariant Fast Motion Tracking with Smoothen Trajectory Guess.
70Jun-Wei Hsieh, Chien.-Hung Lee, Yung-Chih Chen, Wei-Shan Lee and Hui-Fen Chiang, Stage Classification in Chronic Kidney Disease by Ultrasound Image.
39Jaco Fourie, Kenji Irie and Jess Roberts, Automated real-time correction of exposure times in a multispectral camera using an ambient light sensor.
66Miguel Contreras, Donald Bailey and Gourab Sen Gupta, Robot Identification using Shape Features on an FPGA-Based Smart Camera.