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Work Placements

Work placements are part of the Bachelor of Science (Technology) and Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) degrees at the University of Waikato.

Work placements help you to:

  • Get relevant work experience - before you graduate. Don’t finish your degree and find you cannot apply for jobs because ‘experience is required’.
  • Apply what you have learnt at university. Put into practice in the ‘real world’ what you have learnt from your studies.
  • Learn things not taught at university. Learn new methods, procedures, and skills from different work environments.
  • Learn to work in a professional environment. Learn workplace-specific terminologies, teamwork skills, communication, workplace norms, and how to be a professional in your area.
  • Try a career before you finish your degree. It will refine your study direction and focus your career direction.
  • Focus your goals and career ambition. Gain a better understanding of what careers are available and possible future job prospects.
  • Gain skills in report writing, CV preparation, and interview technique. These are fundamentally important skills that you must master in order to do well in your career. 
  • Gain exposure to employer contacts. The people you will work alongside are valuable contacts and could even be your future employers.
  • Receive possible job offers. Students are often offered full-time positions at the end of their placements.

Work placement student profiles

  • Catherine Kelly - BSc(Tech), Animal Behaviour

    Kiwi Encounter (Rainbow Springs), Rotorua: Catherine worked with Operation Nest Egg. She completed research on why some chicks have difficulty breaking out of their eggs. 

  • Brooke Wilson - BSc(Tech), Biological Sciences

    AgResearch, Reproductive Technology Group, Hamilton: Brooke spent her placement researching bovine stem cells and how they work.

  • Luke Overton - BE, Engineering

    Mainline Sheetmetals, Hamilton:

  • Cameron Harris - BE, Engineering

    RML Engineering:

  • Olivia Henwood - BSc(Tech), Biological Sciences

    Environmental Research Institute, University of Waikato: Olivia investigated life in the tops of trees, researching the plants and insects that live in tree canopies.

  • Gina Heron - BSc(Tech), Animal Behaviour

    Hamilton Zoo: Gina’s year-long placement as a zoo keeper allowed her to research best practice for capturing animals at the zoo for health checks and medical treatment.

  • Diana MacPherson and Nikki Webb - BSc(Tech), Biological Sciences

    NIWA, Hamilton: Diana monitored benthic organisms; creatures that live in the tidal zones in harbours and estuaries, while Nikki researched mangroves and how they affect the chemistry in harbours and estuaries.

  • Sarah Appleby - BSc(Tech), Biological Sciences

    AgResearch, Reproductive Technologies, Hamilton: Sarah was part of the team researching bovine stem cells and how they function. Here she demonstrates glass pulling to create a very fine tipped pipette.

  • Stephen Taplin - BE, Mechanical Engineering


  • Ben Jackson - BE(Hons), Mechanical Engineering

    TiDA (Titanium Industry Development Association Inc), Tauranga: Ben manufactured a network structure made of a titanium alloy (Ti-6Al-4V), using 3D printing.

  • Samantha Webb - BSc(Tech), Chemistry

    TATA Global Beverages GB Ltd, London: Samantha worked in London for 12 months at TATA Global Beverages GB Ltd that specialise in tea, coffee and water. Her position was on the analytical services team which provide technical expertise to all functions of the company including tea buying, tea blending and more.

  • Placements are assessed.
     To prospective employers, this grade will serve as a valuable indication of how well you can work.

    Placements are paid ($$$!). Most students will earn between $5,000 and $6,500 during each summer placement. 

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