BIOL226 – Flora of Aotearoa/New Zealand

Study the flora of AotearoaPohutukawa

Are you fascinated by nature? Would you like to learn more about New Zealand’s flora in a university environment, without committing to full-time study?

BIOL226 – Flora of Aotearoa/New Zealand is a 200 Level paper offered by the Faculty of Science & Engineering. There are no prerequisites, making this the perfect paper for adult learners.

The formal portion of the course begins with a field trip to Pureora and followed by classes at the Waikato University campus in Hamilton. Students will hand in their project, a detailed reference and visual diary, shortly after the formal portion of the course concludes.

Throughout the course students will learn the origin of New Zealand’s unique flora; basics of plant taxonomy; modern methods of plant classification and identification; and how to identify plants in the field.

Course tutors include one of New Zealand’s foremost authorities on ecological restoration Professor Bruce Clarkson; botanist Dr Chrissen Gemmill; forest ecologist Dr Daniel Laughlin and plant biologist Dr Michael Clearwater.

For more information contact Chrissen Gemmill. Phone (07) 838 4053 or email