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Our world is changing faster than ever, so at the University of Waikato, we’re embracing new ways of thinking, developing new technologies and testing new concepts, to take New Zealand into the future.

The demand for experts in the fields of Science and Engineering is unprecedented so we need postgraduate students to develop the skills and expertise the world is going to need.

With Science Masters Scholarships and both PhD and Masters Engineering Scholarships starting in B Semester 2016, there’s never been a better time to consider postgraduate study. 

Applications have now closed for 2016.

You're in good company at Waikato

PhD research looks to combat soil water shortage on farmsJack Pronger

As New Zealand's farms continue to face problems associated with periodic droughts, University of Waikato PhD student Jack Pronger is conducting research that might yield real results.

He's focusing on identifying approaches to increasing drought resilience by using more diverse mixes of pasture species on unirrigated farms.

Jack is comparing seasonal water use of mixed-sward pasture systems, which are a combination of different grass, legume and herb species, to traditional ryegrass and clover pasture systems under dairy grazing.

"To cope with the increasing incidence of drought, farmers need pasture species that can access water deeper in the soil or use water more efficiently," Jack says.

So far, there's been little research into paddock-scale water uptake of managed pasture systems in New Zealand – a gap Jack feels needs addressing.

Jack's research is supervised by soil and water experts Professor Louis Schipper and Dr Dave Campbell. He's also the recipient of a prestigious Flower Fellowship worth $30,000 a year for three years, and was awarded a Top Achiever Doctoral Scholarship in 2014.