Master of Science

The MSc is an internationally-recognised qualification, valued for its flexibility and general excellence in education and training.

The Master of Science (MSc) is normally a 12-18 month research-focused degree, where the mix of research and taught papers taken by a candidate will be tailored to suit the individual’s prior learning experiences. Those with a strong focus on research will take a program comprising a maximum of 90 points in taught papers at 500-level and a minimum 90-point thesis, intended for science and engineering graduates who wish to further their knowledge and research skills in the area of their undergraduate major. Students with little or no previous preparation for research may take a maximum of 140 points in taught papers and a minimum 40 points in research. Candidates in the Faculty of Science and Engineering may major in Biology, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Electronics, Engineering, Materials and Processing, Physics, and Psychology. A core feature of the degree is the development of independent research skills, including in collection and analysis of data and critical review of the relevant literature: students are required to engage in scholarship.

Degree Structure

An MSc is normally completed over 12-18 consecutive months, although it may be possible to study for the degree on a part-time basis. Each full-time student will normally enrol in the first year of the Masters programme in a minimum of 90 points’ worth of taught papers in addition to 30 points towards their thesis. These taught papers may be assessed exclusively on coursework, examination, or a mixture of both. In the second year each student will normally enrol in the remaining research and taught papers required to complete the degree. The degree may be awarded with First Class Honours, or Second Class Honours (first division), or Second Class Honours (second division), or without Honours.

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All masters students must submit an application to enrol and liaise with the appropriate department to complete a Graduate Planner form before their programme may be approved and their enrolment can be finalised. This is to ensure that you and your supervisor are aware of your final submission date. Contact us for a copy of the Graduate Planner or for any other queries about this qualification.