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Scholarship exam 2012: Videos now uploaded

Sam has now uploaded the videos I talked about last week onto physicslounge so you can view them for yourself. They take some time to go through (it is a three hour paper after all) but if your internet connection is up to it they are there in glorious high definition.

Before you go through them, grab yourself a copy of the exam paper from the NZQA website

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Are all the videos up? i couldn't see Q2 and Q4.

You won't see Q2 and Q4 because we haven't filmed them yet! It took rather longer than we thought to get to grips with the camera - in particular making sure we had a decent sound quality, so we ran out of time on the morning we did the filming.

We fully intend to do Q2 and Q4 very soon - we've pencilled in 12 Feb for this. Sam's pretty good at getting the videos uploaded quickly, so expect to see them soon after this.

What do you think of those you've seen. Feedback is always very welcome.

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