Cafe Scientifique April 2017

11th Apr 2017 5:30pm-7:00pm

The Royal Society is bringing UK scientist Dr Helen Czerski, physicist, oceanographer and sometimes British broadcaster to Tauranga for a public lecture on… bubbles!

Bubbles are a fascinating and important part of our everyday world, they’re everywhere – not just when you do the dishes or have a bath. However, what do bubbles do and why are they important? It’s not all obvious – snails blow bubbles to float, penguins use them to go faster and there is a precise technical reason as to why bubbles are a champagne connoisseur’s best friend. Dr Helen Czerski’ s own research is on the formation and structure of bubbles made by breaking ocean waves, as well as the impact these bubbles have on weather and climate. So how does one even go about studying such fleeting phenomena?

Dr Helen Czerski is a British physicist, oceanographer, broadcaster and author of Storm in a Teacup – The Physics of Everyday Life (2016).

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