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the science of lolcats

By now, my readers, you have probably cottoned on to the fact that I enjoy lolcats :-) But it's OK - because they're scientific! (For some reason the cats appear to be more into physics than biology...)

funny pictures of cats with captions

I actually quite like using images like this occasionally in my lectures, to liven things up or make a point. Anyway, hopefully you'll get a giggle out of some of them.

funny pictures of cats with captions

Unfortunately this next one should really be labelled 'meiosis' - but that makes it useful as I can ask what's wrong with the caption.

Humorous Pictures

Feline physics - different laws apply...

funny pictures of cats with captions


funny pictures of cats with captions



Back to the serious stuff in the next post :-)


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hahahahhaha all of these cats would be so much smarter than me!!!!!!!

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