Department of Earth & Ocean Sciences

Postgraduate Research

The Department of Earth & Ocean Sciences acknowledges the fundamental importance of the Earth's physical environment and its resources - landscapes, rocks, sediments, soils, water, ocean and climate - for New Zealand's development. This philosophy is maintained as a central and integrating theme of both the teaching and research of the department. A major objective of the Department of Earth & Ocean Sciences is to provide graduates with a range of educational and vocational skills of international standing in the earth sciences which will give them access to a broad range of professional opportunities within New Zealand and overseas.

Some of the Department's recent Masters and Doctoral level theses (either in progress, submitted or completed) are listed here, along with links to the electronic copies of the theses where a student has completed and it is publicly available.

Firoz Badesab (PhD - In progress)

Magnetic minerals as markers of coastal evolution

Ruggero Capperucci (PhD - In progress)

Habitat dynamics in response to constructional impacts (Jade-W-eser-Port); a geological approach

Chris Daly (PhD - In progress)

Morphodynamic equilibria of embayed beaches: Modelling the role of extreme event and average forcing

Bryna Flaim (PhD - In progress)

Environmental impact of a proposed new deep water dredge spoil dispersal site, Hauraki Gulf

Serena Fraccascia (PhD - In progress)

Monitoring and modelling the morphodynamic impacts of large-scale harbour development in tidal channels

Rafael Guedes (PhD - In progress)

To Examine run-up dynamics on low-sloped dissipative beaches using both video and in-situ data collection

Bevin Jenkins (PhD - In progress)

Developing a methodology for low flow quantification for ungauged catchments of the Coromandel and South Waikato

Suzanne Lambie (PhD - In progress)

Does urine cause a decrease in soil organic matter?

Zhi (Cathy) Liu (PhD - In progress)

Hydrodynamics and Sediment Transport in the Tairua Estuary
Willem de Lange
Karin Bryan

Paul Mudge (PhD - In progress)

15N as an indicator of land development stage

Tanya O'Neill (PhD - In progress)

Cumulative effects of and rates of recovery from human impacts on the Antarctic soil environment

Stephanie Palethorpe (PhD - In progress)

Neogene tectonic evolution of Fiordland and surrounding basins

Tim Pritchard (PhD - In progress)

Determining potential for pollutant inputs in dynamic coastal waters comparing morphodynamic settings

Kyle Spiers (PhD - In progress)

Hydrodynamic modelling of harbour circulation patterns and the influence of channel tophgraphy on hydraulic efficiency

Debra Stokes (PhD - Completed)

The Physical and Ecological Impacts of Mangrove Expansion and Mangrove Removal: Tauranga Harbour, New Zealand
Cam Nelson

Hui Woon (Yvonne) Tay (PhD - Completed)

Nutrient dynamics in shallow tidally-dominated estuaries

Rajasekaran (Vicky) Vigneshwaran (PhD - In progress)

Sediment pore pressure response from penetrating objects. Member of the INTERCOAST programme - joint research between the universities of Bremen and Waikato.

Brendan Welten (PhD - In progress)

Effects of animal delivery of dicyandiamide on urinary nitrogen leaching losses in grazed pastures.