Department of Chemistry

Postgraduate Research

Chemistry research and post-graduate study is encouraged in the School of Science, where a range of postgraduate qualifications are offered, including diplomas and certificates as well as masters and higher degrees.

The MSc and MSc(Tech) are the two most common degrees in which chemistry students enrol after completion of their undergraduate degree, and offer the advantage of providing the student with training and a track-record in carrying out research. In addition, there is widespread external recognition and transferability associated with the MSc degree.

The School provides research and postgraduate study opportunities where all research students acquire basic research skills and a knowledge of techniques, as well as training in specialist disciplines. All students will obtain a wide experience of practical and field research.

Some of the School's recent Masters and Doctoral level theses (either in progress, submitted or completed) in chemistry are listed here, along with links to the electronic copies of the theses where a student has completed and it is publicly available.