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Chemistry - the science of substances

One of our chemists in action.Chemistry is the science of substances - their structures, their properties and reactions that transform them into other substances. Knowledge of basic chemical principles is important in all branches of science and for a wide range of industries. Better building materials and textiles, improved medical aids, new alloys, more productive agriculture, better environmental control - all rely on chemical expertise.

The basic understanding of how substances are interrelated and transformed provides the framework upon which the other observational sciences are built. In addition to being an important area of science in its own right, chemistry also forms an integral part of the study of the Biological Sciences and Earth Sciences.

The School of Science covers a wide range of specialist areas in chemistry including interface between chemistry and the other sciences, such as analytical chemistry, geochemistry, environmental chemistry, forensic science, industrial chemistry, materials chemistry and biochemistry. Chemistry forms a major growth area in modern science for research.

NZIC Analytical Chemistry Competition

Footage from the NZIC Analytical Chemistry Competition

Accurate analysis of samples in the chemistry labs secured a win for four talented Year 13 students from Pukekohe High School. The team received first place at the annual NZIC Analytical Chemistry Competition, held at the University of Waikato. The competition challenged 96 enthusiastic Year 13 students from the Waikato/Bay of Plenty regions to spend a day in the university laboratories.

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