Yuanji Zhang

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Instrument Technician

Recent Publications

  • Boersma, R. J., Sammes, N. M., & Zhang, Y. (1999). Selection of sealant materials for a tubular solid oxide fuel cell. In NZKSEM'99 (pp. 41-49). Hamilton: Technology, University of Waikato and Kyonggi Uni.

  • Du, Y., Sammes, N. M., Tompsett, G. A., & Zhang, Y. (1999). Phase stability of bismuth lead antimony oxide. Solid State Ionics, 117, 291-299.

  • Zhang, Y., Sammes, N., & Du, Y. (1999). The use of X-ray analysis in determining the crystal structure in *-Bi8Pb5)17. Solid State Ionics, 124, 179-184.

  • Zhang, D. L., & Zhang, Y. J. (1998). Chemical reactions between vanadium oxides and carbon during high energy ball milling. Journal of Materials Science Letters, 17, 1113-1115.

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Room: LSL.G.03
Phone: +64 7 838 4542