Emeritus Professor Roy Daniel

Emeritus Professor (Biological Sciences)

Qualifications: BSc [Hons] PhD Leic FRSNZ FNZIC

Research Interests

Current research is centered on the biochemistry, microbiology, and biotechnological applications of extremely thermophilic bacteria. Within these areas, major current topics are:
1) The inter-relationship of enzyme activity, stability, and dynamics;
2) The effect of temperature on enzymes;
3) Properties and applications of stable enzymes, especially proteases.

Research Supervised


  • Clement, David (2009). The effect of dynamics on enzyme activity.
  • Lopez, Murielle (2008). The effect of hydration on enzyme activity.
  • Lee, Charles (2007). Environmental effects on enzyme true temperature optima.
  • Peterson, Michelle (2006). Temperature effects on enzymes.


  • Oudshoorn, Matthew (2008). Tests of predictions made by the equilibrium model for the effect of temperature on enzyme activity.

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