Emeritus Professor Hugh Morgan

Emeritus Professor (Biological Sciences)

Qualifications: MSc Strath PhD Geulph

Research Interests

Ecology and physiology of extremely thermophilic bacteria, and fermentations by glycolytic anaerobes. polymer hydrolysis in thermophilic environments. Phylogeny of thermophilic bacteria and their enzymes.

Research Supervised


  • Payyakkal Viswam, Jayadev (in progress). The role of the gut microbiome of the huhu grub in lignocellulose breakdown
  • Xavier, Ron (in progress). Viable but non-culturable states in bacteria
  • Khalid, Ariff (in progress). Detection, isolation and characterization of novel hyperthermophilic nanoarchaea belonging to the putative archael phylum, "nanoarchaeota" from New Zealand hot springs.
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  • Rueckert, Andreas (2006). Discrimination and detection of thermophilic Bacilli.
  • Niederberger, Thomas (2006). Application of molecular methods to the microbial ecology to thermal habitats.
  • Wakeling, Robin (2003). Fungal attack on treated timber.


  • Nayan, Neeraj (2002). Characterisation of thermophilic Bacilli from natural environments.


  • Tan, Lin (in progress). A microbial community description of a heavy metal contaminated soil site
  • Williams, Tom (2011). The microbial composition of the huhu grub intestinal tract.
  • Mills, John (2007). Processing interactions of bacteria on meat - sources and remediation of Enterobacteriaceae on chilled vacuum-packed lamb.
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