Associate Professor Alan Hogg

Associate Professor

Qualifications: MSc DPhil Waikato

Research Interests

Current areas of research include: Investigation into atmospheric 14C concentrations as archived in OIS 3 subfossil kauri; calibration of Southern Hemisphere 14C levels over the last 1000 years by decadal, high precision analysis of New Zealand Silver Pine and Cedar samples; development of high quality synthetic silica counting vials now routinely used in some of the world's liquid scintillation laboratories;and assessment of the influence of freshwater dilution of 14C levels in harbour environments.

Recent Publications

  • Hogg, A. G., Gumbley, W., Boswijk, G., Petchey, F., Southon, J., Anderson, A., . . . Donaldson, L. (2017). The first accurate and precise calendar dating of New Zealand Māori Pā, using Otāhau Pā as a case study.. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports, 12, 124-133. doi:10.1016/j.jasrep.2017.01.032 Open Access version: hdl:10289/10853

  • Turney, C. S. M., Jones, R. T., Fogwill, C., Hatton J., Williams, A. N., Hogg, A., . . . Reimer, R. W. (2016). A 250-year periodicity in Southern Hemisphere westerly winds over the last 2600 years. Climate of the Past, 12, 189-200. doi:10.5194/cp-12-189-2016 Open Access version: hdl:10289/10013

  • Turney, C., McGlone, M., Palmer, J., Fogwill, C., Hogg, A., Thomas, Z., . . . Clark, G. (2016). Intensification of Southern Hemisphere westerly winds 2000-1000 years ago: evidence from the Campbell and Auckland Islands (52-50°S).. Journal of Quaternary Science, 31(1), 12-19. doi:10.1002/jqs.2828

  • Turney, C. S. M., Jones, R. T., Lister, D., Jones, P., Williams, A. N., Hogg, A., . . . Visbeck, M. (2016). Anomalous mid-twentieth century atmospheric circulation change over the South Atlantic compared to the last 6000 years. Environmental Research Letters, 11(6), 064009. doi:10.1088/1748-9326/11/6/064009 Open Access version: hdl:10289/10464

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Room: C.G.04A
Phone: +64 7 838 4707