School of Engineering

Postgraduate Research

Waikato's School of Engineering provides research and postgraduate study opportunities where all research students acquire basic research skills and a knowledge of techniques, as well as training in specialist disciplines. All students will obtain a wide experience of practical and field research.

Some of the School's recent (either in progress, submitted or completed) Masters and Doctoral level theses are listed here, along with links to the electronic copies of the theses where a student has completed and it is publicly available.

Michael Pearson (PhD - Completed)

Material Properties and Stress Modelling of Radiata Pine at High Temperature
Brian Gabbitas
Kim Pickering

Chibueze Uche (PhD - Completed)

Optimizing Compton camera performance
Howell Round
Michael Cree

Carmen Viljoen (PhD - Completed)

Development of a Bioderived Unsaturated Polyester Resin for Use in the Composites Industry
Johan Verbeek
Mike Duke